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Have you analyzed your overhead recently? We charge a simple, low percentage fee based on the amount we collect on your behalf. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. We get paid only after you've been paid. Call us today for a cost analysis.

Pricing and Fee Schedule

We charge a simple flat rate price to manage your claims. Our fees range between 6% to 10% of the payments we collect depending on claim volume, claim complexity and services provided. Our fees include account management, insurance claim processing, patient billing, follow-up and monthly reporting. Contact us today for an assessment and quote for your practice's individual needs.


Medical E-Bill, Inc. will make every reasonable attempt to collect on delinquent patient accounts, before suggesting sending them to collections. If our client requests collections for a patient account, there will be an additional charge for the collection company‚Äôs services. 

Medical e-bill, Incorporated

Phone: 832.847.4081 Toll Free Phone: 1.888.397.1150 Fax: 281.569.4624

E-mail: [email protected]